Scientific program

The scientific program extends from the morning of Aug 2 until the afternoon of Aug 5 (GMT+1, i.e., British Summer Time). Please use the time zone selector below to view the program in your own time zone.

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02 Aug 16:00 - 02 Aug 17:45 (Lecture Hall 4)
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Sean Couch (invited)Understanding Massive Stellar Death: Predictive Simulation of Core-collapse Supernovae
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Thomas Guillet (invited)Multi-dimensional, fully compressible, time-implicit simulations of hydrodynamical processes in stars
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Keiya HirashimaPredicting the expansion of supernova shell for high-resolution galaxy simulations using deep learning
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Koki OtakiThe formation of dark matter deficient galaxies through galaxy collisions
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Federico Rizzuti3D hydrodynamic simulations of massive stars with the PROMPI code
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Tim Atherton (invited)Physicality, Modelling and Making in Computational Physics Courses
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Titus Beu (invited)Molecular Dynamics made accessible
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Silke Henkes (invited)Teaching computation for large student class sizes
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Joan AdlerPeter Borcherds - Computational Physics Teacher and Leader
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Susanne Horn (invited)Tornado-Like Vortices in the Quasi-Cyclostrophic Regime of Coriolis-Centrifugal Convection
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Sijo SebastianSolitary waves in a multi-ion plasma
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Soichiro SuzukiPlasma Propagation via Radiation Transfer in Millimeter-wave Discharge under Subcritical Condition
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Masayuki TakahashiCoupling Simulation on Two-dimensional Axisymmetric Beaming Propulsion System
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Tomo-Hiko WatanabeKinetic simulation of multi-scale turbulence interactions and diffusion in magnetized plasma
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Justin Leontini (invited)Gas transport in human airways during high-frequency ventilation
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Ryoji MatsumotoGlobal Three-Dimensional Radiation Magneto-hydrodynamic Simulations of State Transitions in Black Hole Accretion Flows
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Evan RajbhandariOptimal Design Under Uncertainty of a 3D Resistive Magnetohydrodynamic Generator with Ion-Slip
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Anthony RouquierQuasi-static magneto-hydrodynamic convection in a rotating cylinder
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Valerio Lucarini (invited)Dynamical landscape and multistability of a climate model
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Ludivine Oruba (invited)Rotating convection in a penny shaped cylinder: from numerical models of idealized configurations to tropical cyclones
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Jemma Shipton (invited)Compatible finite element methods and parallel-in-time schemes for numerical weather prediction
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Marco DentzEnergy dissipated through Haines jumps in disordered media
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Joshua Romero (invited)Performance analysis and optimization of slab and pencil decompositions on modern GPU systems
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Mario Spera (invited)A new high-performance N-body code to study merging compact-object binaries
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Itay Hen (invited)Permutation Matrix Representation Quantum Monte Carlo
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Agustin SilvaQuantum routing approach for data networks: a solution for the congestion problem
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Gert Aarts (invited)Lattice QCD at nonzero temperature and density
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Vera Guelpers (invited)Lattice QCD calculations for Muon g-2
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Issaku KanamoriGeneral purpose lattice QCD code set Bridge++ 2.0 for high performance computing
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Biagio LuciniEfficient computations of continuous action densities of states for lattice models
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Kostas Orginos (invited)Hadronic structure from first principles
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Takashi AbeAb initio description of nuclear structure in no-core Monte Carlo shell model
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Takuya OkudaDigital quantum simulation for screening and confinement in gauge theory with a topological term
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Juan Carrasquilla (invited)Neural autoregressive toolbox for many-body physics
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Lei Wang (invited)Fermi Flow: Ab-initio study of fermions at finite temperature
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Dimitrios BachtisQuantum field theories, Markov random fields and machine learning
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Emanuele GuidottiAn Explainable Probabilistic Classifier for Categorical Data Inspired to Quantum Physics
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Motoyuki ShigaSelf-Learning Hybrid Monte Carlo: A First-Principles Method
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Dominic RoseReinforcement learning for rare trajectory sampling
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Yusuke TomitaMachine-learning study using improved correlation configuration and application to the 2D quantum XY model.
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Saikat ChakrabortyUnsupervised Identification of Dynamical Crossovers in Entangled Polymer Melt from Conformational Fluctuations
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Nobuyuki YoshiokaEncoding solid-state electronic structures in neural-network quantum states
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Estelle Inack (invited)Variational Neural Annealing
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Boris Kozinsky (invited)Towards ex-machina computations of transport and transformations in complex materials
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Nobuhiko AkinoOptical Properties of OLED Materials by TDDFT
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45James Boust\textit{Ab initio} theory of Nd$_{2}$Fe$_{14}$B-based hard magnetic materials
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Hyeon-Deuk KimAnomalous Properties of Condensed Hydrogen Systems under Extreme Thermodynamic Conditions Revealed by the Non-Empirical Ab Initio Molecular Dynamic Simulation Method
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Martin MatasRole of the M choice in Hf(M)SiBCN (M~=~Y,~Ho,~Ta,~Mo) thin films: DFT, ab-initio molecular dynamics and experiment
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Laura Ratcliff (invited)Simulating Disordered Supramolecular Materials for Organic Electronics using Linear Scaling Density Functional Theory
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Gus HartSpeeding up DFT with generalized regular k-point grids
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Jeremy JorgensenQuadratic algorithm for computing the band energy and estimating its error
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Uyen LieuInverse Design of Two-dimensional Self-assembly of Patchy Particles
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Hiroshi ShinaokaSparse sampling approach to efficient ab initio calculations at finite temperature
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Stefano Curtarolo (invited)To mix or not to mix? Addressing tangible problems with entropy descriptors
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Noriko AkutsuA Density-Matrix Renormalization-Group Study for a Two-Dimensional Lattice-Gas on the Ih-Ice Prism Surface
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Akira KusabaFirst-principles study of Mg and O co-doping mechanism in the growth surface during GaN(0001) and AlN(0001) metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Hitoshi WashizuEffect of water atmosphere on low friction of multi-layer graphene studied by molecular dynamics
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Renata WentzcovitchThe Phonon Quasiparticle Approach for Anharmonic Properties of Solids
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Ryosuke AkashiHigh temperature superconductivity in compressed sulfur hydrides from first principles
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Yuma HizumeEffect of spin fluctuations on superconductivity in V and Nb: A first-principles study
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Raja SenAnalyzing the electron-phonon scattering rates and energy transfer rates of photo-excited carriers in semiconductors
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Qinlin WangUnified time evolution technique for the electronic structure calculation
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Fumihiro ImotoOrder-$N$ Orbital-Free Density-Functional Calculations with Machine Learning of Functional Derivatives for Semiconductors and Metals
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Annalisa PillepichUniverse(s) in a box
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Dwight BarkleyUniversality and rare events in the subcritical route to turbulence
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Gabor CsanyiMachine learned force fields: status and challenges
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Andy WoodsDynamics Of Bubble And Particle Plumes
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Frank PollmannExploring Topological Phases of Matter on Quantum Processors
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Christine DaviesSolving the quandary of the quark with High Performance Computing
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Dave ThirumalaiSub-diffusive glassy dynamics to super-diffusion in an evolving cell colony
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Zhijun WangTopology and symmetry in materials
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Claudia DraxlExcitations in solids: theoretical approaches, benchmarks, limitations, and perspectives towards exascale performance
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Andrew SaxeDynamics of learning in simple neural networks through the lens of statistical physics
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Prineha NarangComputational Physics Approaches to Dynamics and Transport in Quantum Matter
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Ludovic BerthierEquilibrium phase transitions and their universality class in models for glass-forming materials
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Olga ShishkinaScalings and structures in natural thermal convection
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Steven GottliebLattice QCD Results from the Fermilab Lattice and MILC Collaborations
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Sergio BoixoBeyond-classical quantum computing
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Dao Duc AnhElucidating atomic-scale phenomena with transmission electron microscopy: a study of gold nanocontact
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Yusuke SuzumuraMolecular-Dynamics Simulation of Liquid Sulfur by Artificial Neural Network Potentials
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Mykhailo TatochenkoConfinement effects on packings of disco-rectangles in slit pores
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Arsha NoushadStudy of velocity auto-correlation function of a confined Brownian particle
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Erik ShalenovThe capture cross sections at the electron collisions with hydrogen atom in non Maxwellian dense semiclassical plasma
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Takashi ShirotoA charge-momentum-energy-conserving alternative numerical method for the Vlasov--Maxwell system
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Kazue KudoCompressed sensing using an Ising machine
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Masaru KatoMolecular + Field Dynamics Method for Vortex Dynamics in a Superconductor
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Tsuyoshi KadokuraOrthogonal and antiparallel vortex tubes and energy cascades in quantum turbulence
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Hideaki MiuraStatistical properties of Hall MHD turbulence with a high magnetic Prandtl number
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Alexandros VasilopoulosCrossover Phenomena in the 2D Random-Bond Blume-Capel Model
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Samiran DasWeakly relativistic effect in the formation of ion-acoustic solitary waves in dusty plasma
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Argyro MainouScaling of the Random-Field Ising Model in Two Dimensions
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Yoshitaka MizuharaPhenomenological simulation on intermediate states in a type-I superconducting wire
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Togo AokiMolecular Dynamics Simulation on Vortex Dynamics in a Dirty Superconductor
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Nikolaos FytasUniversality aspects of the two-dimensional spin-$1$ Baxter-Wu model in a crystal field
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Shoichi SakamotoDFT-NEGF Study of Electron Transfer Property in Graphene Nanoribbon Double Barrier System
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Daigo MugitaEfficiency of equilibration with three event-based algorithms in hard disk melting
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Ranna MasheyevaAutomated Complex for Investigation of the Dusty Plasma Properties
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Ryuhei SatoMolecular Dynamic Study of the Relationship between Li-ion Migration and Disordering of Hydride Complexes in LiCB$_9$H$_10$
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Yoshifumi NakamuraQCD software development and performance of Fugaku and ARM architectures
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Michail AkritidisGeometrical clusters of the multi-replica Ising model
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Denis GessertThe Role of Resampling in Population Annealing
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Paul EbertPopulation annealing with weighted averages: A case study for the Ising model
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Hirotaka BannoDiffusional characteristics of Newtonian Event-Chain Monte Carlo in hard disk systems
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Dimitar VlaykovConvective non-locality: the impact of boundary layers on the convection dynamics in 2D stellar hydrodynamic simulations
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Sarun PhibanchonThe unstable analysis of soliton compression in Silicon photonic crystal
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Lambert MuensterPercolation Properties of Spin Glasses
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Kaito KitayaMolecular dynamics study on the nano-scale $\beta$-type Stirling engine
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Mitsuyoshi TomiyaNumerical Analysis of Electronic state of CNT/BNNT Heterojunction
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Edwin MapashaLi on a C-H divacancy in graphane
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Manoj KumarCritical properties of the three-dimensional three-state random-field Potts model
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Janett PrehlStructural and dynamical properties of randomised mixed labyrinth fractals
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Minh Quyet HaApplication of evidence theory to recommend solvent mixtures for chemical exfoliation of graphite
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Evgenii BrikovThe experience of using of versions of binary correlation function approximations by proposed sets of functions for purposes of the structural quasicrystal analysis and model computations by means of variational principle of a functional of the equilibrium free energy of simple liquids
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Yoshihiro MatsumuraMicroscopic insights into dynamic disorder in the conformational changes of the protein
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Saturnin Yoca EnzongaRadiative-rate calculations of erbium-like ions Lu IV, Hf V and Ta VI of interest in fusion
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Rico PohleDynamics of spin-1 magnets from numerical simulations
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Ayori MitsutakeDynamical analysis for protein folding simulations using relaxation mode analysis
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Motokuni NakajimaMolecular dynamics simulation for LIM2 domain mutants in FHL1 protein
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Kengo MoribayashiApplication of plasma simulation and theory to heavy ion cancer therapy
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Kunio IshidaDynamics of photoinduced entanglement generation between remote electron-phonon systems
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Piotr KuterbaMolecular Dynamics simulations of ring polymers in a slit geometry of two parallel walls.
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Hiroaki OnishiExcitation and transport of bound magnon clusters in frustrated ferromagnetic chain
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45DuongNguyen NguyenActive learning in discovery SmFe$_{12 - x - y}$A$_x$B$_y$ magnets A, B as {Mo, Zn, Co, Cu, Ti, Al, Ga}
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Daisuke SuzukiThermodynamic folding transition of a small protein molecule
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Yoshiki IshiiMolecular Modeling of Ionic Liquids and their Analogues via Self-Consistent Scheme with MD and DFT Methods
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Djenabou BayoMachine Learning the 2D Percolation Transitions
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Burak ÇivitcioğluMachine Learning Methods applied to the 2D Ising Model
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Kazutomo KawaguchiCoarse-grained model for protein-nucleotide interaction
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Florian GothHigher Order Auxiliary Field Quantum Monte Carlo Methods
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Wei WuOptical and magnetic signatures of topological edge states in a dimerised donor chain
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Lisa MatsukuraSimulation study of the function of the domain swapping in the HSP90 chaperone cycle
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Vu SinhDeep attention model for extracting material structure-property relationships
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Kazuya ShinjoEffect of phase string on single-hole dynamics in the two-leg Hubbard ladder
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Takuma YamashitaFour-body variational calculation of muonic molecules in an electron cloud
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Fu-Jiun JiangQuantum criticality at finite temperature for two-dimensional $JQ_3$ models on the square and the honeycomb lattices
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Ryota MorikawaSimulation study of shape change of growing lipid bilayer vesicles using DPD method
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Helmia JayyinunnisyaTheoretical Investigation of Complex Aspirin and Hydroxypropyl-$\beta$-cyclodextrin in Solvent Phase
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Takaharu OtsukaAlpha Clustering in Atomic Nuclei obtained by First Principles calculations and Characterization of the Hoyle state Reinforced by Statistical Learning technique
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Hidemi NagaoTheoretical studies on association/dissociation process of plastocyanin in photosynthesis by a coarse-grained model
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Kakihara YuitoStatistics of the hopping motion approaching the glass transition in the binary hard disk systems
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Masaki OttawaInteraction between PET tracer and the specific residues around the gate of the open form of Monoamine Oxidase B (MAO-B).
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Takahiro KoishiMolecular dynamics simulation for large-scale water droplet systems using the tree method
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Yoh NoguchiMolecular Dynamics Simulation of the Complex of PDE5 and Evodiamine
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Dian FitrasariTheoretical Studies of Dissociation Process of Plastocyanin by PaCS-MD Simulation
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Lilih SIti SolihatTheoretical Study of Dynamics and Infra-Red Spectra of Myosins
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Esteban VelezConstruction of a neighbour linked list on a spherical surface
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Taichi KosugiGeneric circuit for a linear combination of unitary operators: Green's functions and linear-response functions
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Jun TakahashiMulticriticality of the deconfined quantum critical point
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Kai-Hsin Wu$\mathbb{Z}_{2}$ topological order and first-order quantum phase transitions in systems with combinatorial gauge symmetr
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Pranay PatilUnconventional U(1) to Zq cross-over in quantum and classical q-state clock
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Martin Roetteler (invited)Quantum resource estimation at scale
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Christopher White (invited)How hard will it be to simulate many-body quantum dynamics?
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Miles Stoudenmire (invited)Simulating Near-Term Quantum Computers with Approximate Tensor Network Algorithms
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Nobuyasu ItoSimulation of quantum computer on the Fugaku computer
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Naoki Kawashima (invited)How to carry out the generic real-space renormalization group program
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Philippe Corboz (invited)Tensor network study of SrCu$_2$(BO$_3$)$_2$ under pressure
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Tsuyoshi OkuboTensor network approach to the magnetization of frustrated square lattice Heisenberg systems
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Synge TodoNovel approaches for tensor renormalization group method - ATRG and BTRG
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Atsuthi IwakiThermal Pure Quantum Matrix Product States
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Hui Shao (invited)Recent Development of the Stochastic Analytic Continuation Method
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Emanuel GullNevanlinna Analytic Continuation
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Andreas HoneckerQuantum Monte-Carlo simulations of highly frustrated magnets in a cluster basis
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Zheng ZhouSimulating Rokhsar-Kivelson quantum critical point in a realistic quantum Ising model
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Masafumi FukumaNumerical sign problem and the tempered Lefschetz thimble method
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Lev BarashA new method for calculating elements of matrix functions with application to the exponential of a transverse-field Ising model
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Mario Motta (invited)Towards the solution of the many-electron problem: properties of the hydrogen chain
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Takami TohyamaNumerical simulations of spectroscopic properties in two-dimensional Mott insulator
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Maksim UlybyshevFermi Velocity renormalization in graphene from non-perturbative QMC calculations
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Yuichi OtsukaQMC study of the chiral Heisenberg Gross-Neveu universality class
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Xizhi HanNeural Quantum States and Bootstrap in Matrix Quantum Mechanics
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Yusuke NomuraPurifying Deep Boltzmann Machines for Thermal Quantum States
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Ronojoy Adhikari (invited)PyStokes: phoresis and Stokesian hydrodynamics in Python
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Juliane U. KlamserContinuous-time limit of kinetic Monte Carlo for Active-Matter systems
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Siddhartha MukherjeeActive turbulence, a L\'evy walk away from inertial
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Sagarika AdhikaryCollective Pattern Formation in a Binary Mixture of Self-Propelled Particles
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Subhajit PaulEffect of Vicsek-like Activity on the Dynamics of a Flexible Polymer
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Leonardo Santos LopesVicsek model with Malthusian Dynamics
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Cristian Micheletti (invited)Designing molecular knots
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Suman MajumderKnot are Generic Stable Phases in Semiflexible Polymers
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Hiroshi NoguchiNon-equilibrium dynamics of fluid membranes: traveling wave, Turing pattern, and membrane undulation
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Emma WoodMesoscopic modelling of highly ordered mesophases of board-shaped polymers
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Zoriana DanelDilute solution of ring and star polymers in confined geometries: theory and simulations
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Matthew WilsonComparison of Benchmark HP Lattice Proteins on Simple-Cubic and Face-Centered Cubic Lattices Using Replica-Exchange Wang-Landau Sampling
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Shivani GuptaDestabilization potential of phenolics on A$\beta$ Fibril: Mechanistic insights from Molecular Dynamics Simulation
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Hisashi OkumuraNonequilibrium molecular dynamics simulation to reveal a role of water molecules in laser-induced disruption of amyloid fibrils
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Rudo RoemerFlexibility and mobility of SARS-CoV-2-related protein structures
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Duy TranAtomic mechanism of the complete association of intrinsically disordered peptide to protein
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Elena ZubovaModelling of the A-B transition in a short DNA molecule
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Shaweta GargSingle-channel dynamically disordered exclusion process with Langmuir kinetics
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Jaehyeok Jin (invited)Toward high-fidelity many-body mesoscopic models of fluids from bottom-up coarse-graining
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Takumi SatoEffect of polymer chemical design on self-assembly of polymer-tethered nanoparticles in nanotubes
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Kang KimBridging the gap between molecular dynamics and hydrodynamics in nanoscale Brownian motions
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Ten-Ming WuOptical Kerr Effect Spectra of Supercooled Water at Ambient Pressure: Contributions of Low-Density and High-Density Liquids
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Youssef OuldhniniAtomistic insights into the structure and elasticity of densified 45S5 Bioactive Glass
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Hayato ShibaEffect of long-wavelength fluctuations on slow relaxation in a 2D glass-forming liquid
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Lev ShchurAcceptance rate is a thermodynamic function in local Monte Carlo algorithms
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Nir SchreiberChangeover phenomenon in randomly colored Potts models
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Tasrief SurunganPhase diagram of the polyhedral spin models on square lattice with diluted bonds
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Thomas PrellbergEntropy of Dense Trails on the Square Lattice
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Evgeni BurovskiIsing model on an (interacting) SAW
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Francesco Parisen ToldinBoundary Critical Behavior of the Three-Dimensional Heisenberg Universality Class
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Alfred FarrisReplica exchange Wang-Landau sampling of long HP lattice protein sequences
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Geet RakalaFully-packed anisotropic hard-core plates on a cubic lattice.
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Dipanjan MandalPhase transitions in a system of hard plates on the three dimensional cubic lattice
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Ozan EricokOn the topology and geometry of the configuration spaces of hard disks
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Henrik ChristiansenPhase-ordering kinetics and persistence of the two-dimensional long-range Ising model at zero temperature
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Wolfhard JankeAging in the Two-Dimensional Long-Range Ising Model with Power-Law Interactions
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Sourav ChattopadhyayThermally driven dynamic phase transitions in site diluted Ising ferromagnet
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Antonio AstilleroParallel computation in GPU of the dynamic critical exponent of the three-dimensional Heisenberg model
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Stefan Schnabel (invited)Finding the Theta temperature of a polymer with long-range interactions
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Hidemaro SuwaGeometric allocation approach to accelerating directed worm algorithm
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Yuko OkamotoGeneralized-ensemble simulations of spin systems and biomolecular systems
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Peter WernerExtremely rare ultra-fast non-equilibrium processes close to equilibrium
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Giuseppe TorrisiUnlocking heterogeneous node activation in Boolean networks through dynamic programming
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Gopika KrishnanDynamics of transient cages in a 2D supercooled liquid
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Takayuki NarumiAn agent-based modeling and simulation for the first stage of honeycomb construction
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Dmitriy AntonovMean-field interactions in evolutionary spatial games
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Huixin ZhangDetecting early warning signals in higher-order structures
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Yannick FeldLarge-deviations of the SIR model
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 17:45Toru OhiraPursuit and Evasion: Singles to Groups