Scientific program

The scientific program extends from the morning of Aug 2 until the afternoon of Aug 5 (GMT+1, i.e., British Summer Time). Please use the time zone selector below to view the program in your own time zone.

Please consult the general timetable for an impression of the overall structure of the program

Consider the full book of abstracts for the detailed program and presention abstracts.

All oral presentations are held on zoom, the posters are shown in Gather. Access details are distributed to registered participants only.

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Poster Session 1
02 Aug 18:00 - 02 Aug 19:00 (Poster Rooms 1-3)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Dao Duc AnhElucidating atomic-scale phenomena with transmission electron microscopy: a study of gold nanocontact (17)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Yusuke SuzumuraMolecular-Dynamics Simulation of Liquid Sulfur by Artificial Neural Network Potentials (18)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Mykhailo TatochenkoConfinement effects on packings of disco-rectangles in slit pores (24)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Arsha NoushadStudy of velocity auto-correlation function of a confined Brownian particle (49)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Erik ShalenovThe capture cross sections at the electron collisions with hydrogen atom in non Maxwellian dense semiclassical plasma (58)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Takashi ShirotoA charge-momentum-energy-conserving alternative numerical method for the Vlasov--Maxwell system (84)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Kazue KudoCompressed sensing using an Ising machine (105)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Masaru KatoMolecular + Field Dynamics Method for Vortex Dynamics in a Superconductor (124)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Tsuyoshi KadokuraOrthogonal and antiparallel vortex tubes and energy cascades in quantum turbulence (130)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Hideaki MiuraStatistical properties of Hall MHD turbulence with a high magnetic Prandtl number (132)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Alexandros VasilopoulosCrossover Phenomena in the 2D Random-Bond Blume-Capel Model (156)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Samiran DasWeakly relativistic effect in the formation of ion-acoustic solitary waves in dusty plasma (172)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Argyro MainouScaling of the Random-Field Ising Model in Two Dimensions (190)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Yoshitaka MizuharaPhenomenological simulation on intermediate states in a type-I superconducting wire (197)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Togo AokiMolecular Dynamics Simulation on Vortex Dynamics in a Dirty Superconductor (209)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Nikolaos FytasUniversality aspects of the two-dimensional spin-$1$ Baxter-Wu model in a crystal field (233)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Shoichi SakamotoDFT-NEGF Study of Electron Transfer Property in Graphene Nanoribbon Double Barrier System (235)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Daigo MugitaEfficiency of equilibration with three event-based algorithms in hard disk melting (242)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Ranna MasheyevaAutomated Complex for Investigation of the Dusty Plasma Properties (245)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Ryuhei SatoMolecular Dynamic Study of the Relationship between Li-ion Migration and Disordering of Hydride Complexes in LiCB$_9$H$_10$ (246)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Yoshifumi NakamuraQCD software development and performance of Fugaku and ARM architectures (247)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Michail AkritidisGeometrical clusters of the multi-replica Ising model (256)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Denis GessertThe Role of Resampling in Population Annealing (262)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Paul EbertPopulation annealing with weighted averages: A case study for the Ising model (269)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Hirotaka BannoDiffusional characteristics of Newtonian Event-Chain Monte Carlo in hard disk systems (278)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Dimitar VlaykovConvective non-locality: the impact of boundary layers on the convection dynamics in 2D stellar hydrodynamic simulations (287)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Sarun PhibanchonThe unstable analysis of soliton compression in Silicon photonic crystal (294)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Lambert MuensterPercolation Properties of Spin Glasses (298)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Kaito KitayaMolecular dynamics study on the nano-scale $\beta$-type Stirling engine (305)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Mitsuyoshi TomiyaNumerical Analysis of Electronic state of CNT/BNNT Heterojunction (307)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Edwin MapashaLi on a C-H divacancy in graphane (328)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Manoj KumarCritical properties of the three-dimensional three-state random-field Potts model (357)
02 Aug 18:00-02 Aug 19:00Janett PrehlStructural and dynamical properties of randomised mixed labyrinth fractals (400)