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The scientific program extends from the morning of Aug 2 until the afternoon of Aug 5 (GMT+1, i.e., British Summer Time). Please use the time zone selector below to view the program in your own time zone.

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Poster Session 2
04 Aug 12:45 - 04 Aug 13:30 (Poster Rooms 1-3)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Minh Quyet HaApplication of evidence theory to recommend solvent mixtures for chemical exfoliation of graphite (14)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Evgenii BrikovThe experience of using of versions of binary correlation function approximations by proposed sets of functions for purposes of the structural quasicrystal analysis and model computations by means of variational principle of a functional of the equilibrium free energy of simple liquids (25)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Yoshihiro MatsumuraMicroscopic insights into dynamic disorder in the conformational changes of the protein (51)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Saturnin Yoca EnzongaRadiative-rate calculations of erbium-like ions Lu IV, Hf V and Ta VI of interest in fusion (63)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Rico PohleDynamics of spin-1 magnets from numerical simulations (67)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Ayori MitsutakeDynamical analysis for protein folding simulations using relaxation mode analysis (82)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Motokuni NakajimaMolecular dynamics simulation for LIM2 domain mutants in FHL1 protein (86)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Kengo MoribayashiApplication of plasma simulation and theory to heavy ion cancer therapy (87)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Kunio IshidaDynamics of photoinduced entanglement generation between remote electron-phonon systems (88)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Piotr KuterbaMolecular Dynamics simulations of ring polymers in a slit geometry of two parallel walls. (98)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Hiroaki OnishiExcitation and transport of bound magnon clusters in frustrated ferromagnetic chain (100)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30DuongNguyen NguyenActive learning in discovery SmFe$_{12 - x - y}$A$_x$B$_y$ magnets A, B as {Mo, Zn, Co, Cu, Ti, Al, Ga} (101)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Daisuke SuzukiThermodynamic folding transition of a small protein molecule (112)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Yoshiki IshiiMolecular Modeling of Ionic Liquids and their Analogues via Self-Consistent Scheme with MD and DFT Methods (122)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Djenabou BayoMachine Learning the 2D Percolation Transitions (127)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Burak ÇivitcioğluMachine Learning Methods applied to the 2D Ising Model (128)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Kazutomo KawaguchiCoarse-grained model for protein-nucleotide interaction (139)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Florian GothHigher Order Auxiliary Field Quantum Monte Carlo Methods (157)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Wei WuOptical and magnetic signatures of topological edge states in a dimerised donor chain (177)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Lisa MatsukuraSimulation study of the function of the domain swapping in the HSP90 chaperone cycle (198)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Vu SinhDeep attention model for extracting material structure-property relationships (199)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Kazuya ShinjoEffect of phase string on single-hole dynamics in the two-leg Hubbard ladder (207)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Takuma YamashitaFour-body variational calculation of muonic molecules in an electron cloud (212)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Fu-Jiun JiangQuantum criticality at finite temperature for two-dimensional $JQ_3$ models on the square and the honeycomb lattices (249)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Ryota MorikawaSimulation study of shape change of growing lipid bilayer vesicles using DPD method (251)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Helmia JayyinunnisyaTheoretical Investigation of Complex Aspirin and Hydroxypropyl-$\beta$-cyclodextrin in Solvent Phase (260)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Takaharu OtsukaAlpha Clustering in Atomic Nuclei obtained by First Principles calculations and Characterization of the Hoyle state Reinforced by Statistical Learning technique (264)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Hidemi NagaoTheoretical studies on association/dissociation process of plastocyanin in photosynthesis by a coarse-grained model (271)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Kakihara YuitoStatistics of the hopping motion approaching the glass transition in the binary hard disk systems (279)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Masaki OttawaInteraction between PET tracer and the specific residues around the gate of the open form of Monoamine Oxidase B (MAO-B). (281)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Takahiro KoishiMolecular dynamics simulation for large-scale water droplet systems using the tree method (282)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Yoh NoguchiMolecular Dynamics Simulation of the Complex of PDE5 and Evodiamine (288)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Dian FitrasariTheoretical Studies of Dissociation Process of Plastocyanin by PaCS-MD Simulation (295)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Lilih SIti SolihatTheoretical Study of Dynamics and Infra-Red Spectra of Myosins (310)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Esteban VelezConstruction of a neighbour linked list on a spherical surface (315)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Taichi KosugiGeneric circuit for a linear combination of unitary operators: Green's functions and linear-response functions (318)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Jun TakahashiMulticriticality of the deconfined quantum critical point (371)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Kai-Hsin Wu$\mathbb{Z}_{2}$ topological order and first-order quantum phase transitions in systems with combinatorial gauge symmetr (372)
04 Aug 12:45-04 Aug 13:30Pranay PatilUnconventional U(1) to Zq cross-over in quantum and classical q-state clock (377)