Scientific program

The scientific program extends from the morning of Aug 2 until the afternoon of Aug 5 (GMT+1, i.e., British Summer Time). Please use the time zone selector below to view the program in your own time zone.

Please consult the general timetable for an impression of the overall structure of the program

Consider the full book of abstracts for the detailed program and presention abstracts.

All oral presentations are held on zoom, the posters are shown in Gather. Access details are distributed to registered participants only.

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Parallel Session: Soft matter and biophysics 4 (Chairs: Rudo Roemer, Julia Yeomans)
05 Aug 09:00 - 05 Aug 10:45 (Lecture Hall 1)
05 Aug 09:00-05 Aug 09:30Jaehyeok Jin (invited)Toward high-fidelity many-body mesoscopic models of fluids from bottom-up coarse-graining
05 Aug 09:30-05 Aug 09:45Takumi SatoEffect of polymer chemical design on self-assembly of polymer-tethered nanoparticles in nanotubes
05 Aug 09:45-05 Aug 10:00Kang KimBridging the gap between molecular dynamics and hydrodynamics in nanoscale Brownian motions
05 Aug 10:00-05 Aug 10:15Ten-Ming WuOptical Kerr Effect Spectra of Supercooled Water at Ambient Pressure: Contributions of Low-Density and High-Density Liquids
05 Aug 10:15-05 Aug 10:30Youssef OuldhniniAtomistic insights into the structure and elasticity of densified 45S5 Bioactive Glass
05 Aug 10:30-05 Aug 10:45Hayato ShibaEffect of long-wavelength fluctuations on slow relaxation in a 2D glass-forming liquid