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The scientific program extends from the morning of Aug 2 until the afternoon of Aug 5 (GMT+1, i.e., British Summer Time). Please use the time zone selector below to view the program in your own time zone.

Please consult the general timetable for an impression of the overall structure of the program

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All oral presentations are held on zoom, the posters are shown in Gather. Access details are distributed to registered participants only.

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Parallel Session: Statistical physics and complex systems 2 (Chairs: Jonathan Machta, Stefan Schnabel)
02 Aug 16:00 - 02 Aug 17:45 (Lecture Hall 1)
02 Aug 16:00-02 Aug 16:15Geet RakalaFully-packed anisotropic hard-core plates on a cubic lattice.
02 Aug 16:15-02 Aug 16:30Dipanjan MandalPhase transitions in a system of hard plates on the three dimensional cubic lattice
02 Aug 16:30-02 Aug 16:45Ozan EricokOn the topology and geometry of the configuration spaces of hard disks
02 Aug 16:45-02 Aug 17:00Henrik ChristiansenPhase-ordering kinetics and persistence of the two-dimensional long-range Ising model at zero temperature
02 Aug 17:00-02 Aug 17:15Wolfhard JankeAging in the Two-Dimensional Long-Range Ising Model with Power-Law Interactions
02 Aug 17:15-02 Aug 17:30Sourav ChattopadhyayThermally driven dynamic phase transitions in site diluted Ising ferromagnet
02 Aug 17:30-02 Aug 17:45Antonio AstilleroParallel computation in GPU of the dynamic critical exponent of the three-dimensional Heisenberg model